Friday, October 26, 2012

Alternative Contributions

It is a very common thing for people to donate things such as food, clothing, and computers. These are all things that children do in school, or people can do with a quick trip to their local municipal building. Something you may not have heard of, though is a boat donation. (Source: Boat Donation by Angel For Hope)

Yes, they do exist. And they can go to very good causes as well. Boat donations are useful because a boat can be resold at a high price, allowing a charity to take the money and do helpful things for society. Some charities will make informational videos, or help with the homeless, as well as many other acts to make the world community a more peaceful and loving place.

When donating your boat to a charity, make sure you do some research before hand. Be sure that the boat you are donating is going towards something that you support. There are plenty of charities around the USA that will take your yacht donations, vehicle donations, etc.

If the fact that you are doing something to help your community become a better place isn’t enough, consider that boat donations are eligible for tax deductions come tax day. Most locations that accept boat donations will help you find and fill out the proper forms for a tax deductions. Consider donating your boat today. Not only are you helping yourself the next time you file your taxes, but you’re helping a charity get its message of peace and safety out to the world!

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